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Paving the Future of Recycling with AI and Blockchain

Give e-waste. Get rewards. We make recycling not just a conscientious choice but an engaging and rewarding habit.

We are a technology company focused on making recycling not just a conscientious choice but also an engaging and rewarding habit, where impact and profitability converge.

Our platform impact2earn®, is an innovative AI Chatbot & Web3 Recycling Rewards platform. We’ve designed an AI chatbot, capable of identifying and categorizing types of recyclable materials and with human-like chat and voice capabilities, can guide you toward the nearest e-waste collection point. Based on the e-waste you recycle, you’ll earn digital NFT rewards minted from certified green blockchains. These NFTs can then be traded on our NFT marketplace for discounts on a wide array of goods, services and digital assets.

  • Human-like Chatbot

    Human-like Chatbot

We use Deep Learning Frameworks to improve the efficiency of our chatbot’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, making it more responsive and able to better understand user queries.

  • Image Recognition

    Image Recognition

We use Image Recognition technology for identifying different types of waste materials through images. We also continually train our models, thus improving and optimizing our ability to identify new and different types of materials.

  • Multi-Blockchain Integration

    Multi-Blockchain Integration

We’ve designed a solution that helps reduce blockchain’s environmental impact. By focusing on multi-blockchain interoperability, we’ve integrated with a selection of the world’s most sustainable blockchains.

Viewing garbage as something foul and unwanted – this is an antiquated attitude

Our objective is not only to change the negative perception of waste but to revolutionize the way it is managed.

Currently, we generate roughly 40 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) per year with 85% destined for landfills and incinerators which contribute to 70% of our overall toxic waste.

By exchanging the antiquated process of disposing of unsorted waste in landfills for the adoption of a closed-loop system of proper sorting, recycling, and repurposing, we can revolutionize recycling for both consumers and businesses.

By embracing this approach, we can create a world where waste is no longer seen as a burden, but as a valuable resource that can be harnessed to build a more sustainable future.

Benefits of the impact2earn® platform

  • Easy


    Intuitive chat-based user interface allows users to send messages and receive responses in a conversational manner, which feels natural and familiar. We also support various types of media, such as images, videos, audio files, and documents.
  • Transparency


    Blockchain technology helps provide accountability and reduces fraud in the recycling industry. By tracking each stage of the recycling process on a blockchain, stakeholders can have a clear and accurate view of the journey of materials, from collection to processing to reuse.
  • Liquidity


    E-waste contains a significant amount of valuable materials. Extraction of these materials from the ground is many times more carbon-intensive than processing. We provide liquidity in a less carbon-intensive way.
  • Integration


    Our platform is integrated with certified green blockchains that use carbon-neutral resources and offers a faster and more secure means of exchange. These blockchains addresses the environmental concerns of traditional blockchains by using low-energy consumption and 100% clean energy.

Give E-waste, Get Rewards

We incentivize recycling by offering NFTs as a reward for participating in our Impact2Earn recycling program.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are created on a blockchain, making them immutable and impossible to replicate. Once earned, these NFTs can then be exchanged in our marketplace for goods and services at a discount. This creates a virtuous cycle where recycling is incentivized, and the resulting NFTs can be used to drive sales for businesses that support sustainable practices.

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