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BANTgo is an ecosystem of Impact-to-Earn services connecting B2C consumers with recycling plants and closing the gap between people’s desire and ability to take care of nature.

The recycling plants need E-waste. Market turnover is expected to reach USD $189.8B by 2030, growing at a CAGE of 14.4% during the forecast period (2022-2030).

The BANTgo service will reward people for responsible consumption and involve them in Impact – to – Earn movement.
BANTgo’s first microservice for e-waste is launching in Dubai right now:
GO-CYCLE: CleanTech Web 3.0 Telegram ChatBot with built-in Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements. It is based on TON blockchain ecosystem.

The chatbot makes it easy to find a point for the transfer of recyclables to recycling and gives certificates confirming the transfer of E-waste to recycling. Via Telegram messenger. NFTs are based on TON blockchain. Monetization through loyalty programs for businesses.

This product became an infrastructure for other market participants (clothing, plastic, medicine, and so on) – for B2B customers, and all this will live on the basis of the platform.

PRE-SEED $300K SAFE CAP $3M C-corp Delaware