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17Oct, 22 October 17, 2022

(Miami Florida, US – 12/22/2022) —

Do you want to help 3 billion people get an easy way to become eco-positive?

The problem that we can solve in an easy way:
20% of small electronic waste, which is more than 1.3 Mt / $1B stored at home or disposed with regular unsorted household waste;
82.6% Global e-waste flows that are not documented;

How it works: Most households that utilize waste sorting understand the benefits that this process brings. But many have no time or desire for this, or are just plain lazy. In this arrangement, weak social motivation and the lack of an easy way to transfer recyclables is the problem.

Many countries have adopted special laws that call for the proper disposal of waste. But in all honesty, punishment for violating these laws is not the best motivation in this case.

We are confident that the current situation can be resolved by combining the two paths
1) monetary motivation.
2) easy way to transfer E-recyclables through existing transport networks, such as food delivery couriers, Taxi and cleaning services.

We propose to introduce a system of bonuses for the disposal of all E-waste. Each household using waste sorting can make money from every single recycled battery, piece of old equipment, old smartphone or electronics. In addition to a clean nature, people will gain perks that can be used towards the achievement of a comfortable life.
The penetration of delivery and cleaning services into our lives is up to 50%, so for proper disposal, people do not need to develop new habits and perform many new actions.

“Reducing the environmental impact of smartphone use requires make recycling more straightforward and be open about where they source their metals and the environmental impact – https://phys.org/news/2018-08-ways-smartphone-environment.html

BANTgo is an Impact-to-Earn WEB3 CleanTech App with game and social elements | The Media System for Food Delivery 

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