BANTgo and Niocycle Embark on a Strategic Collaboration for Sustainable Battery Recycling | BANTgo | impact2earn®
14Nov, 23 November 14, 2023
  • By Joseph Patterson

(Dubai, UAE – 11/13/2023) In a groundbreaking move, BANTgo and Niocycle are delighted to announce their newly signed Letter Of Intent (LOI), marking the beginning of a promising collaboration centered around sustainable battery recycling. This partnership aims to enhance recyclable battery component production while minimizing the need for new resource extraction, thereby supporting environmental sustainability and technological advancement in lithium-ion battery materials.

Key Collaboration Areas:

  1. Eco-Friendly Battery Recycling Solutions: BANTgo and Niocycle are committed to integrating environmentally responsible technology for all battery types. This effort bolsters their leadership in the circular economy, significantly reducing the necessity for new resource extraction.
  2. Promotion of Environmental Awareness: The partnership will drive joint marketing campaigns and initiatives to educate consumers and industries about sustainable battery practices. This aligns with both companies’ missions to recover and reuse e-waste materials.
  3. Technological Advancements in Recycling: Niocycle will leverage BANTgo’s innovative technologies to offer efficient and eco-friendly battery recycling solutions. This approach facilitates the recovery of valuable materials, reducing the environmental footprint of unethical battery disposal.
  4. Expansion of the Sustainable Battery Ecosystem: The collaboration will broaden the impact of sustainable solutions in the battery industry, starting with electric vehicle batteries, followed by batteries from mobile devices and other electronics.
  5. Technical & Digital Asset Integration: Both entities will synchronize their digital solutions to enhance operations and user experience, ensuring smooth interaction between Niocycle’s recycling functionalities and BANTgo’s sustainable tech offerings.
  6. Feedback & Iteration: The collaboration will focus on gathering user and stakeholder feedback to continuously refine and improve their integrated solutions.
  7. Digital Asset Synchronization: Joint efforts will be made to ensure seamless integration between Niocycle’s recycling functions and BANTgo’s digital platforms, involving backend development and optimization.
  8. Pilot Recycling Programs: The partnership will launch pilot programs to evaluate the effectiveness of battery recycling based on user responses and collected data.
  9. Full-Scale Implementation and Continuous Monitoring: Following successful pilot programs, the collaboration will escalate to larger-scale implementations, with ongoing monitoring to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

BANTgo and Niocycle are excited to embark on this journey together, striving towards a more sustainable future in battery materials and recycling. This collaboration not only signifies a step forward in environmental responsibility but also showcases the potential for profit-sharing models in eco-friendly initiatives.


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About BANTgo:

BANTgo is at the forefront of the recycling industry, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Blockchain-enabled asset digitization and traceability to revolutionize the management of electronic waste (e-waste). Through its impact2earn platform, BANTgo’s AI chatbot guides users to nearby e-waste collection points, identifies, categorizes, and validates e-waste, and determines recoverable materials. Users are rewarded with tokenized incentives in the form of NFTs for their recycling efforts, which can be exchanged within the BANTgo marketplace for discounts on goods & services, as well as carbon credits.

About Niocycle:

Niocycle is a modern SME with a strong team of bright individuals who focus on innovative solutions for different industries to achieve their sustainability goals under the guidelines of regulators and the UN SDGs. Niocycle is focused on the vision to sustain the resources of our world by providing innovative technologies to transform our industries to reach new levels of sustainability. The current mission of Niocycle is to support the transition towards a more electrified future to become more environmentally friendly by first extending the lifetime of energy storage systems and as a second step to recover the raw materials at their end of life to re-introduce them into the supply chain.