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12Jan, 24 January 12, 2024
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  • By Joseph Patterson

Dubai, UAE – 1/11/2024 –BANTgo, a leading AI/Blockchain/Web3 enabled e-waste recycling rewards platform, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with You&Co, the innovative co-living community located in Dubai Production City (IMPZ). This partnership aims to establish a groundbreaking marketing channel for both organizations while bolstering You&Co’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profile. The collaboration is set to incentivize sustainable recycling practices among residents of You&Co’s co-living spaces.

You&Co, located in the heart of IMPZ, offers a unique co-living experience that combines living, working, and playing in one vibrant community. With amenities such as co-working spaces, gyms, cultural events, and more, You&Co caters to the needs of modern, socially conscious individuals seeking a sense of belonging and purpose.

The collaboration’s primary focus areas are environmental sustainability through e-waste recycling and the integration of a rewards system within You&Co’s vibrant co-living spaces. The partnership will unfold in three key stages: Initial Setup of E-Waste Collection Points, Integration of BANTgo’s Reward System, and Pilot Project Execution and Metrics Collection.

As part of the collaboration, BANTgo commits to providing e-waste collection services, reward system infrastructure, and promotional support to You&Co. On the other hand, You&Co will facilitate the installation of collection points, promote the recycling program to its residents, and provide valuable feedback on the system’s performance.

“BANTgo is delighted to embark on this exciting collaboration with You&Co,” said Siarhey Zhyltsou, Founder and CEO of BANTgo. “We believe that our collaboration with You&Co represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By combining our expertise in e-waste recycling with You&Co’s dynamic community, we aim to drive positive environmental change while enhancing the co-living experience for residents.”

Together, BANTgo and You&Co are set to make a lasting impact on environmental sustainability and create a more eco-conscious community within You&Co’s co-living spaces. This collaboration aligns with both organizations’ shared commitment to environmental responsibility and enhancing the well-being of their residents.

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About BANTgo:

BANTgo is at the forefront of creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible future, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Blockchain to revolutionize the management of electronic waste (e-waste). Through its impact2earn platform, BANTgo’s AI chatbot guides users to nearby e-waste collection points, identifies, categorizes, and validates e-waste. Users are rewarded with tokenized incentives in the form of NFTs which can be exchanged within the BANTgo marketplace for discounts on goods & services, and to top-up accounts with major service providers. BANTgo’s innovative technology and commitment to social and environmental responsibility make it a trusted partner in driving positive change.

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About You&Co:

You&Co is a vibrant co-living community located in Dubai Production City (IMPZ), offering a unique blend of living, working, and playing in a socially-conscious environment. With a focus on community, creativity, and sustainability, You&Co provides residents with a dynamic and inclusive living experience.