Sergei Ivanov, Co-Fouder of BANTgo on MarTech.Gulf’22 Conference. | BANTgo | impact2earn®
24Sep, 22 September 24, 2022

(Miami Florida, US – 12/21/2022)

MarTech.Gulf’22 Conference: The world of marketing technologies in the Middle East – first international martech conference & exhibition.

“ESG criteria of products and companies in promotion to the market” on the screen as an example the GO-CYCLE product from BANTgo

GO-CYCLE are making a decentralised ESG motivation system based on the principles of Impact-to-Earn and can be a touch point for more than 3 billion users of food delivery like Careem and Consumer Services like kleen كلين <-> TON Foundation and Telegram Messenger ecosystem <-> E-waste recycling plants like Enviroserve UAE

BANTgo is an Impact-to-Earn WEB3 CleanTech App with game and social elements | The Media System for Food Delivery

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