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06Sep, 22 September 6, 2022

(Miami Florida, US – 9/6/2022) — BANTgo Inc and Yalla!Market announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership to capture the fast-growing market in Dubai. Yalla!Market – the leader in the 15-min, hyper-local grocery delivery market in Dubai plans to test BANTgo’s adtech platform with its fleet in several delivery zones on their quest to expand their market share and position.

The UAE is actively implementing technology in all areas of life, and BANTgo is excited to add to this progress by bringing to Yalla!Market, the latest, most advanced ESG Loyality programm.

During the pilot, the BANTgo team will make an active effort to provide metrics before, after and during the pilot launch, as well as other information necessary for the successful completion of the pilot launch.

Co-Founder & Co-CEO Siarhei Zhyltsou of BANTgo

This will be BANTgo’s third pilot launch, and they plan on launching several more pilots in the UAE where they anticipate running approximately 33,000 couriers in Dubai and 300,000 couriers in the full UAE market.

This agreement has been in the works for months now. In the first half of 2022, BANTgo and Yalla!Market was first introduced through the Zayed Middle East Accelerator program in Dubai and had expressed an interest in collaborating further. After conducting a market analysis indicating the suitability the UAE market had for BANTgo’s technology, the two companies created agreements for the use of BANTgo’s solution throughout Dubai, and BANTgo Inc. also registered a subsidiary company BANTgo FZ LLC through the help of In5 Media and obtained the appropriate licenses to personalize digital content delivery to users on the streets of Dubai. Throughout the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023, BANTgo and Yalla!Market will work together to quantify the value proposition for this pilot program and together they will understand the relevant decision-making processes within the fast-growing food delivery market in Dubai with respect to testing and adopting BANTgo’s line of future products. To learn more about BANTgo and Yalla!Market, read their bio’s and follow the links below.

Yalla!Market is an online store that delivers to your doorstep in Dubai in 15 minutes. Buy confectioneries, groceries, household essentials, and cosmetics via our mobile app and get the order before you finish checking your email. We have dark stores strategically located around Dubai’s most popular areas, just to make sure your orders reach you in record time. https:/

BANTgo is an Impact-to-Earn WEB3 CleanTech App with game and social elements | The Media System for Food Delivery

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