BANTgo Joins in5 Media: Pioneering Innovation in the Startup Ecosystem | BANTgo | impact2earn®
30Sep, 23 September 30, 2023
  • By Joseph Patterson

Dubai, UAE (27/9/2023) — BANTgo, the innovative force behind the transformative Impact2Earn® AI Chatbot & Web3 Recycling Rewards platform, is proud to announce its membership in the esteemed in5 Media community. This partnership is set to amplify BANTgo’s mission to revolutionize e-waste recycling and promote sustainability, while also expanding its presence in the dynamic startup ecosystem.

in5 Media, renowned as an enabling platform for entrepreneurs and startups, is dedicated to fostering innovation and helping new ideas reach the marketplace. With a shared commitment to innovation and progress, BANTgo’s integration into the in5 startup ecosystem promises a host of benefits for both parties and the wider entrepreneurial community.

BANTgo’s membership in the in5 startup ecosystem offers a range of valuable resources, including:

  • Subsidized Office Space: Reduced rental costs for early-stage startups, alleviating a significant financial burden.
  • Networking Opportunities: Access to events and workshops that facilitate the building of valuable connections within the startup community.
  • Access to Investors: Opportunities to connect with leading investors and secure funding to propel growth and development.
  • Collaboration Potential: The chance to forge potential partnerships with major corporations, fostering innovation and business expansion.
  • Mentorship from Industry Experts: Guidance and mentorship from experienced industry experts who can provide invaluable insights and direction.
  • Essential Resources: Access to essential tools and software that accelerate development and innovation.

“In summary, in5 provides BANTgo with a comprehensive platform for growth and success,” states Sergey Ivanov, Co-founder and COO at BANTgo. “Our partnership with in5 Media aligns perfectly with BANTgo’s commitment to fostering sustainability and innovation in the digital age. We are excited to continue our journey with this vibrant ecosystem and look forward to making a meaningful impact in the startup community.”

The collaboration between BANTgo and in5 Media exemplifies the power of innovation and collaboration in driving positive change. Both organizations are dedicated to empowering startups and entrepreneurs, creating an environment where groundbreaking ideas can thrive and evolve.

About BANTgo: BANTgo is a software company based in the United Arab Emirates that specializes in recycling and waste management. Their platform, impact2earn, is an AI-powered chatbot and Web3 recycling rewards platform for electronic waste.



About in5 Media: in5, an integrated innovation platform, launched by TECOM Group, has created within Dubai a distinctive and well-rounded ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups to be incubated and nurtured to their next phase of growth. in5 offers state-of the art and specialized facilities catering to the Technology (Dubai Internet City), Media (Dubai Production City) and Design (Dubai Design District) industries and facilitates training and mentorship programs. This dynamic and creative environment also allows for the development of innovative ideas through community wide networking events, access to investors and industry-leading market research.