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26Aug, 23 August 26, 2023
  • By Joseph Patterson

[Dubai, UAE 8/26/23] – BANTgo, a pioneering technology company at the forefront of sustainable innovation, is thrilled to announce its official collaboration with the prestigious Microsoft for Startups program. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone for BANTgo’s groundbreaking platform, “impact2earn,” which utilizes AI and Web3 technology to revolutionize e-waste recycling and incentivize positive environmental action.

Microsoft for Startups is renowned for its commitment to nurturing and empowering emerging companies with cutting-edge resources, mentorship, and global market access. The program’s alignment with BANTgo’s vision of creating a sustainable future and enhancing the impact2earn platform makes this collaboration a perfect match.

The impact2earn platform represents the fusion of advanced AI technology and blockchain-based rewards mechanisms, addressing the critical issue of e-waste management. Through AI-powered chatbots, the platform efficiently identifies and categorizes e-waste, guiding users towards nearby e-waste collection points. This not only streamlines the recycling process but also educates and empowers individuals to make environmentally responsible choices.

A standout feature of impact2earn is its integration of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which rewards users for their recycling efforts. With each deposit of e-waste, users earn NFT rewards that can be traded within the platform’s marketplace. These NFTs can be exchanged for discounts on an extensive range of goods, services, and even carbon credits, creating a tangible and engaging incentive structure that fosters sustainable practices.

“BANTgo’s inclusion in the Microsoft for Startups program is a remarkable achievement that speaks to the innovation and potential of our impact2earn platform,” said Siarhei Zhyltsou, CEO of BANTgo. “This collaboration amplifies our capabilities to refine, expand, and scale our technology, ensuring that we can create a lasting positive impact on the environment while also offering meaningful benefits to users.”

The Microsoft for Startups program offers a suite of benefits that will enable BANTgo to accelerate its growth trajectory:

  1. Azure Credits: Access to Microsoft Azure cloud services will empower BANTgo to enhance the scalability, security, and reliability of the impact2earn platform.
  2. Technical Expertise: Through technical guidance and mentorship from Microsoft’s experts, BANTgo can optimize its platform for peak performance and innovation.
  3. Global Network: Integration into Microsoft’s expansive network opens doors to potential partnerships, investors, and customers on a global scale.
  4. Business Development: The program’s dedicated business development resources will aid BANTgo in refining its market strategy and accelerating its user base.

As BANTgo joins hands with Microsoft for Startups, the company is poised to harness these resources and expertise to elevate its impact2earn platform to new heights, driving sustainable practices and environmental awareness on a global stage.

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About BANTgo

BANTgo is an innovative technology company dedicated to creating sustainable solutions for a better future. Through its impact2earn platform, powered by AI and blockchain technology, BANTgo revolutionizes e-waste recycling by incentivizing users with NFT rewards for their recycling efforts. This unique approach fosters environmental responsibility while offering tangible benefits to users. For more information, visit

About Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups is a global program that provides startups with free Azure credits, technical support, and access to Microsoft’s extensive network of customers and partners. The program empowers startups to build, scale, and grow their businesses by leveraging Microsoft’s resources and expertise. For more information, visit