BANTgo Joins the Google for Startups Program, Embarking on an Exciting Journey | BANTgo | impact2earn®
22Aug, 23 August 22, 2023

BANTgo proudly announces its participation in the highly esteemed Google for Startups Cloud Program. This collaboration positions BANTgo in the respected circle of the Google for Startups AI startup community, opening a new stage of growth and innovation. Over the next two years, BANTgo becomes a strategic beneficiary of the Google for Startups Cloud Program, receiving valuable resources, including financial credits and cutting-edge technology, to help its impact2earn platform flourish. In the coming weeks, the program will provide Google Cloud Credits of up to $350,000 USD, ensuring access to various Google Cloud Platform Services, such as BigQuery, Vertex AI, Document AI, and AutoML.

The cornerstone of this alliance lies in specialized training programs, specifically designed for BANTgo’s exponential growth. Immersive sessions will plunge BANTgo into the depths of artificial intelligence, accompanied by technical deep dives and interactive workshops. BANTgo is set on harnessing the power of Google Cloud’s AI prowess and advanced technological achievements, moving towards its goal in the realm of tech-enabled recycling. We extend an invitation to all to join us on this remarkable journey, to reshape the future and redefine the boundaries of what AI can achieve. As we embark on this collaboration, BANTgo stands unwavering in its commitment to democratize AI, making its benefits accessible to all. The future beckons – and it’s brimming with endless possibilities.

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