BANTgo Joins the NVIDIA Inception Program for Groundbreaking Technological Advancements | BANTgo | impact2earn®
09Jun, 23 June 9, 2023

Dubai, [6/8/2023] – BANTgo, a startup focused on recycling and waste management, is excited to announce its inclusion in the NVIDIA Inception program. This partnership provides BANTgo with access to cutting-edge technologies and resources from NVIDIA, opening up new opportunities for accelerating the startup’s development.

NVIDIA Inception is a support and development program for startups in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics. BANTgo was selected to participate in this program due to its innovative approaches in the recycling and waste management sector.

Collaborating with NVIDIA Inception will grant BANTgo access to advanced NVIDIA technologies, such as AI GPUs and the Triton Inference Server, enabling the startup to significantly enhance the performance and capabilities of its AI Cleantech chatbot, impact2earn. These technologies will help optimize machine learning models, accelerate computations, and improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the platform.

As part of the NVIDIA Inception program, BANTgo will also receive expert consultations from experienced NVIDIA specialists, who will assist in system optimization and explore new ways of utilizing artificial intelligence in the startup’s product.

Furthermore, the partnership with NVIDIA Inception will provide BANTgo with opportunities for interaction with venture capitalists and support in joint marketing efforts. This will strengthen BANTgo’s visibility and attractiveness in the technology and startup sectors, potentially leading to new partnerships and investments.

BANTgo aims to leverage the resources and support from NVIDIA Inception to accelerate its growth and expand in the MENA market and beyond. The startup continues its important mission of raising awareness about recycling and sustainability while creating economic opportunities for communities and taking on social and environmental responsibility.

About BANTgo:
BANTgo is a Dubai-based startup in the field of recycling and waste management. The startup’s innovative Web3 Recycling Rewards platform, impact2earn, combines AI technology, Blockchain, NFTs, social impact and gaming elements to encourage users to develop the habit of recycling and proper waste disposal. With BANTgo Impact2earn, we’re making recycling rewarding and effortless like never before.