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10Nov, 23 November 10, 2023

[DUBAI, UAE – 11/10/2023] – BANTgo, a visionary in the recycling sector, renowned for its innovative impact2earn AI chatbot & WEB3 recycling rewards platform, has partnered with AHOY, a global modern-age platform specializing in optimizing end-to-end logistical operations. This strategic collaboration is poised to revolutionize and usher in a new era of enhanced efficiency for the recycling and waste management sector.

Collaborative Ventures:

The strategic partnership between BANTgo and AHOY paves the way for multiple lucrative ventures, marking a significant turning point for recycling and logistics.

Data Sharing and Tech Solutions Development:

BANTgo will harness AHOY’s technology infrastructure, tools, SDKs, and APIs to elevate the capabilities of its impact2earn platform. This collaboration entails the exchange of specific user data, subject to mutual agreement, to enhance the performance of the AI chatbot and optimize the recycling process. Furthermore, BANTgo and AHOY will explore co-development opportunities for tech solutions and products, tailored to specific needs. For instance, BANTgo is planning to seamlessly integrate AHOY’s Comet solution to enhance the logistics of e-waste collection, ultimately maximizing the efficiency of recycling operations.

Utilizing AHOY’s Products in the impact2earn Ecosystem:

BANTgo will seamlessly integrate AHOY’s suite of products into its impact2earn ecosystem to bolster its overall functionality. Notably, the utilization of AHOY Comet for first and last-mile logistics management in e-waste collection and recycling operations is anticipated to streamline the transportation of e-waste to designated collection points, leading to a more efficient recycling process.

Leveraging AHOY Technology to Transform BANTgo’s Vendor Operations:

BANTgo’s B2B Marketplace is set to revolutionize its vendor capabilities by integrating AHOY’s comprehensive suite of technology infrastructure,  including advanced tools, SDKs, and APIs. This integration will allow participating vendors to enhance their logistical and operational efficiency, giving them access to AHOY’s innovative solutions for optimizing supply chains and streamlining business processes.

This initiative extends beyond a mere partnership, embodying BANTgo’s dedication to providing its marketplace vendors with a competitive edge through technological advancement. By incorporating AHOY’s technologies, BANTgo reinforces its commitment to continuous improvement and positions its vendors at the forefront of efficiency and innovation in the B2B sector.

The collaboration between BANTgo and AHOY’s logistical proficiency and technology infrastructure is set to enhance BANTgo’s efficiency while expanding both companies’ market presence. This partnership aims to pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly recycling process, addressing the global challenge of e-waste management and making recycling more accessible and rewarding.


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About BANTgo:

BANTgo is at the forefront of the recycling industry, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Blockchain-enabled asset digitization and traceability to revolutionize the management of electronic waste (e-waste). Through its impact2earn platform, BANTgo’s AI chatbot guides users to nearby e-waste collection points, identifies, categorizes, and validates e-waste, and determines recoverable materials. Users are rewarded with tokenized incentives in the form of NFTs for their recycling efforts, which can be exchanged within the BANTgo marketplace for discounts on goods & services, as well as carbon credits.

About AHOY:

AHOY is a global platform designed to optimize and orchestrate all logistical operations, offering end-to-end solutions across various industries. AHOY’s expertise in logistics and transportation has positioned it as a significant player in the industry, providing tools, SDKs, and APIs that enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

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