BANTgo Partners with WEE Marketplace to Elevate Eco-Conscious Consumerism | BANTgo | impact2earn®
19Jan, 24 January 19, 2024
  • By Joseph Patterson

 (Dubai, UAE) In a groundbreaking step for sustainable commerce, BANTgo, an innovator in AI and Web3 technologies, has partnered with WEE, the fast and predictable marketplace in the UAE. This alliance aims to infuse BANTgo’s innovative technology into WEE’s platform, enhancing environmentally conscious consumerism and fostering new customer adoption and loyalty through new eco-friendly products. WEE Marketplace will expand its product range to include more eco-friendly items to promote multi-category eco-conscious consumerism among customers across the MENA region.

This initiative, aligned with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic vision, reinforces the nation’s resolve to foster innovative solutions that resonate globally. It underscores the commitment to integrating environmental responsibility into business models, promoting sustainable practices that contribute to the UAE’s ambitious environmental goals.

The integration of BANTgo’s decentralized motivation system and CleanTech AI Chat-bot is set to promote sustainable recycling behaviors, effectively closing the gap between recycling companies and consumers by guiding users to existing collection points, identifying their recyclable materials and incentivizing them with digital NFT certifications which can be exchanged for discounts and promo codes on a diverse and extensive selection of goods, as well as to top up accounts with major service providers.

This collaboration will be further enhanced by technical and digital asset integration, where a seamless fusion of digital solutions from both companies will not only improve the user experience but also streamline e-commerce operations. For example, leveraging BANTgo’s technology, WEE will soon be able to introduce to their users the ability to accept and exchange impact2earn NFTs for discounts and promo codes on eco-friendly products on their site and mobile app, adding a new dimension to eco-conscious shopping. This new capability will require digital asset synchronization, involving the careful alignment of digital assets and backend development to ensure smooth interaction across platforms.

Initially, a pilot launch will be conducted to gather valuable insights into user responses and the overall effectiveness of the integration, facilitating necessary adjustments and optimization. Following the pilot, a full-scale implementation will take place, accompanied by continuous monitoring to guarantee optimal performance and maximized user satisfaction around environmentally conscious consumerism.

About BANTgo: BANTgo is a technological innovator dedicated to creating solutions that promote sustainable living and environmental responsibility. With a focus on their ‘impact2earn’ platform, BANTgo is committed to transforming waste management, recycling and consumer habits through technology.

About WEE Marketplace: WEE Marketplace is the marketplace, specializing in lightning-fast delivery services within Dubai and next-day delivery across the UAE. Their platform offers a diverse and extensive selection of goods, ranging from the latest iPhone models to engaging puzzles for kids, ensuring that everything people need is just a few clicks away.

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