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24Aug, 23 August 24, 2023
  • By Joseph Patterson

Dubai, August 24, 2023BANTgo, a pioneering force in sustainable innovation, proudly announces its acceptance into the esteemed Bedayat Business Incubator/Accelerator program. The program, certified by Dubai SME, stands as a testament to BANTgo’s commitment to driving positive change and contributing to the spheres of Social, Environmental, and Economic Stability through groundbreaking entrepreneurship.

In a landmark moment on August 23rd, BANTgo and over 20 other purpose-driven and impactful startups embarked on their journey at the state-of-the-art SEE Institute within the renowned Bedayat Business Incubator/Accelerator program. This initiative, aligned with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic vision, reinforces the nation’s resolve to foster innovative solutions that resonate globally.

The genesis of this collaboration traces back to March 2023, when the Bedayat Business Incubator hosted a compelling Information Day. Inspired by the event’s profound insights and benefits, BANTgo’s founders eagerly pursued application to the program. In April, BANTgo participated in two intensive pitch training sessions orchestrated by Bedayat, meticulously preparing for evaluation by the program’s selection committee. Triumphantly emerging from the selection process, BANTgo commenced its transformative journey on August 23rd, 2023.

Situated in the heart of The Sustainable City Dubai, Bedayat serves as a dynamic ecosystem catalyzing entrepreneurial endeavors aimed at rendering cities more sustainable, intelligent, and health-conscious. Leveraging the resources of its Living Lab, BANTgo is poised to validate its conceptual framework in a real-world environment, propelling innovation beyond mere ideation. A spokesperson from Bedayat affirmed, “Our mission is to kindle innovation by instating impactful programs.” This mission extends to fostering a robust future for the UAE by equipping sustainable startups with the essential tools to collaborate, innovate, and execute revolutionary, scalable concepts.

As an integral component of the Bedayat Business Incubator/Accelerator program, BANTgo gains access to the exclusive Sustainability Unicorn Program. This comprehensive program encompasses diverse phases of an entrepreneur’s journey, encompassing invaluable opportunities such as testing and validating business models within The Sustainable City’s living community and structures. A series of meticulously designed workshops focusing on Leadership, Team Scaling, Investor Pitching, Personal Branding, and Financial Strategy will empower BANTgo to fortify its business acumen. Furthermore, strategic networking events and conferences promise to expand BANTgo’s horizons, nurturing connections with key industry stakeholders. Notably, the program also facilitates access to grants and funding avenues, both through Bedayat and collaborating angel, seed, and growth investors ardently dedicated to catalyzing immediate change in nascent startups.

BANTgo’s induction into the Bedayat Business Incubator/Accelerator program exemplifies a convergence of visionary entrepreneurship, sustainable innovation, and unwavering commitment to effectuating transformative global change. This collaboration embodies the spirit of ingenuity that propels the UAE towards a progressive, resilient, and harmonious future.

About BANTgo

BANTgo impact2earn is an AI Chatbot & Web3 recycling rewards platform around electronic waste. Our AI chatbot identifies and categorizes electronic waste, guiding users to nearby e-waste collection/drop-off points. By recycling through our platform, you earn digital NFT rewards minted from the blockchain, which can be traded/exchanged on our NFT marketplace for discounts on a wide range of products and services as well as carbon credits.

About Bedayat Business Incubator/Accelerator Program

A Dubai SME Certified Business Incubator and Accelerator for Innovative Start-Ups focusing on Social, Environmental, and Economic Stability.