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12Dec, 21 December 12, 2021

Suddenly, the market for programmatic advertising is accelerating

Last week, founders of BANTgo, Siarhei Zhyltsou, Joseph L. Patterson, and Sergei Ivanov announced the launch of their new digital out-of-home (OOH) adtech platform powered by technological partners,, and for the food delivery market in Belarus. For this launch, BANTgo has partnered with, the largest marketplace for restaurants and food delivery services in Belarus, with 36 cities countrywide, 8000+ orders daily and 1400+ partners in the restaurant business. Not only has BANTgo partnered with, they also have agreements with several other restaurants like Go-GO Pizza

The initial pilot launch will run through March. After that, the program will likely expand to more cities such as Tallinn, Estonia and other Nordic-Baltic countries before launching in the United States. BANTgo

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