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Project news

News and analytics about BANTgo and our transport function ( in Belarus) https://ru. …

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Youtube BANTgo

Welcome to our YouTube channel (clik) ! News and reviews of micro electric vehicles that we use. News from TV about BANTgo Vehicle Reviews All this and soon more. Welcome!

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Winter testing

Electric vehicle are equipped with an interior heater. The cab of the transport was insulated with a layer of thermal insulation before operation. Wheels with winter tires. Yes, we see a slight decrease in the range in cold weather. The quick-change battery system allows you to increase the driving range, thanks to the BANTgo control software …

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New Year – New website!

We wish you a happy 2021 New Year! We are happy to announce that in 2021 we will be launching a new website for BANTgo. In the near future, we will place the site on the main domain …

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New E-vehicles for the BANTgo platform

On December 30, 2020, the BANTgo team came to Minsk (Belarus) to get acquainted with the new vehicle. The company Sidus-auto begins to produce low-speed electric vehicles of its own design. These products are certified for sale in Russia and the BRISC countries. According to the results of the concluded contract, we are working on connecting this ele …

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