From AI Chatbots to NFTs: The Future of Recycling with impact2earn | BANTgo | impact2earn®
11Jun, 23 June 11, 2023

BANTgo Impact2earn is making waves in the recycling sector, revolutionizing the way communities and individuals dispose of their unused electronics. With a focus on innovative technology and strategic partnerships, BANTgo Impact2earn has achieved significant milestones, solidifying its position as a pioneering force in the industry.

The journey began with the issuance of an Initial Trade Name Reservation Certificate, recognizing BANTgo’s expertise in software development. The company has been actively forging relationships, particularly with, the first certified green blockchain. Concurrently, the team is enhancing chatbot capabilities and engaging in negotiations with leading AI companies to provide an unmatched user experience.

Beyond its technological prowess, BANTgo Impact2earn prides itself on being globally inclusive. Successful negotiations have led to imminent contracts with numerous business partners worldwide, expanding its reach far beyond Dubai.

The impact2earn platform has garnered recognition by advancing to the top 25 finalists in Etisalat’s Hello Business Pitch Competition 3.0. Furthermore, the co-founder and CMO participated in the esteemed Raw Materials Summit, an influential gathering focused on propelling the global transition to green energy.

During this summit, BANTgo received accolades from the European Union, securing an EU grant through the EIT RawMaterials Accelerator program. This milestone marks a turning point in the company’s growth trajectory, offering abundant opportunities for the future under the unwavering support of EIT RawMaterials.

May saw BANTgo refine its strategy by selecting two blockchain options, both Shariah-compliant, to kickstart advanced platform development. This development incorporates the chatbot, blockchain technology, and an innovative marketplace.

Simultaneously, BANTgo expanded its client base and partnerships, securing agreements with new business clients and initiating talks with COP28 organizers for potential integration into their event infrastructure. Furthermore, Impact2earn was chosen by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Economy to represent the city at the prestigious VivaTech conference in Paris.

As the team grows, BANTgo welcomed an early investor from Europe, who has relocated to Dubai as the head of legal. This addition brings valuable expertise in corporate governance, contract negotiation, risk management, and the formulation of plans and policies. Additionally, the American co-founder and CMO, now based in Dubai, will drive revenue growth through go-to-market strategies, marketing campaigns, market research, and brand building.

Looking ahead, BANTgo Impact2earn remains committed to spearheading innovation, fostering global partnerships, and leading the way towards a sustainable future. Stay updated on our latest developments by following our LinkedIn page at

About BANTgo Impact2earn: BANTgo Impact2earn is a groundbreaking Web3 Recycling Rewards platform that is revolutionizing the recycling sector. Our AI chatbot can accurately identify and categorize various types of electronic waste through images, guiding users to their nearest e-waste collection sites. What sets our platform apart is the reward system. By recycling e-waste, users earn both physical and digital rewards, including NFTs minted from the world’s first certified green blockchain. These NFTs can be traded on our marketplace, offering discounts on a wide range of goods and services. With BANTgo Impact2earn, recycling becomes rewarding and effortless like never before.