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micro EV delivered

Make micromobility cost-effective and easy to use even where there's a lack of charging stations.

The BANTgo delivery model comes without the high cost, need for infrastructure, long charging time, and limited mileage which normally is associated with electric vehicles alone. BANTgo provides transport, full automation, and analytics provided on an on-demand and subscription basis. Also, you can get your EV delivered without having to pay full price and without any long-term obligations.

Need to arrange delivery?

3 easy steps to get your Eletcric Vehicle

  • <span>Download app & select vehicle</span> 
and features most interested in
    Download app & select vehicle
    and features most interested in
  • <span>Specify the date and address</span>
for delivery. We Deliver
    Specify the date and address
    for delivery. We Deliver
  • <span>We'll deliver the MIcro-EV</span> to and from your business or location
    We'll deliver the MIcro-EV to and from your business or location

Benefits of

BANTgo EV + App

With our micro-EV subscription, we reduce the upfront capital costs of the delivery vehicle, as well as offset the cost of fuel, and maintenance over time. Our micro-EVs operate on a low voltage quick-change battery system that does not require our customers to own their own charging infrastructure. Charging and battery replacement will take place at both stationary and mobile replacement points anywhere in the service area. Couriers and restaurateurs do not need to think about where and when to charge their vehicles, as our delivery app tracks the battery discharge of all units and sends out auto-notifications telling the business that it is time to replace the batteries.