Sustainability | BANTgo | impact2earn®

BANTgo is achieving the SDGs and meeting the ESG criteria.

The BANTgo team began following the principles of responsible consumption long before we joined together in this project. For us, this is the only way of life that will allow us to look our children and grandchildren in the eye with pride.

We create and develop our customers and users into a waste – disposal – society.

We consider it a great achievement and honor for BANTgo to be able to contribute to humanity’s realization of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 3C BANTgo Principles of Responsible Consumption

Cheaper – provide easy and low-cost access to responsible consumption for a large number of users.

Cleaner – clean up their environment by maximizing the use of recycled materials, reusable and durable items, and other ways to reduce individual pressures on the environment.  

Closer – contribute to the improvement of life where BANTgo users live, make it obvious and understandable, and provide users with easy ways to follow responsible consumption principles.