BANTgo features | Impact-to-Earn
04Sep, 18/ 0 views

Drag and Drop Scheduler

Manage Your Schedule   Easily manage all of your deliveries using our drag and drop Scheduler. Drag and drop driver onto map to schedule a new delivery. Click on any delivery to quickly view delivery details. View month, week, day, 2 day and list view of your schedule. Drag schedule item on the Scheduler to quickly re-schedule a delivery. Week view s …

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01Apr, 18/ 0 views

Recurring Subscriptions

Recurring Subscriptions   Create recurring subscriptions for your customers who need deliveries on a regular basis. Our system will automatically create delivery tickets 4 weeks in advance making it really easy for your drivers and dispatch operators to see upcoming deliveries. Just pick a start date and a duration period and our system will autom …

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