Automated Dispatch | BANTgo | impact2earn®

Easily Send Delivery Tickets To Your Drivers

  • Send your driver a notification that they have been assigned a new delivery ticket.
  • All tickets are archived for later lookup.
  • Add order details to your ticket so your driver knows exactly what to deliver and how much money to collect.
  • Track the progress of each delivery ticket, from the driver with GPS coordinates of the drivers whereabouts when the ticket status is updated.
  • Search past customers to quickly auto-fill in delivery details such as address and phone number.
  • When a delivery address is entered while creating a new ticket and if you have the delivery or driver zones feature enabled, our software will apply the dollar amount or assign the appropriate driver to the ticket.

Use our automatic order acceptance and delivery point assignment feature to assign finished orders to the driver closest to the destination, or to the driver who first accepts the delivery ticket for the maximum speed and minimum cost of each order.