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Autonomous Communication

Your drivers can be sent push notifications to their cell phones with details about the delivery including: ordered items, total cost, delivery address, name, phone number and even a photo of the customer.

Your delivery driver can choose to accept or decline the delivery ticket. Once the driver has accepted the delivery ticket, the driver can now add photos, signature verification and notes to the delivery ticket. Customer templates can be created by the dispatch operators, these will be sent to the customer during every milestone that is met during the delivery process.

From the time your driver accepts the delivery ticket to the package being delivered, your customer can receive emails and text messages during the entire process.

Lets say your company delivers flowers, and the sender wants to see photos of the recipient receiving the flowers or perhaps just a picture of the flowers being sent; using our app, your driver can take photos and attach them to the delivery tickets and send them to your customer accompanied by a custom message from your company.

Autonomously send email and SMS status update notifications and protect your driver’s phone numbers by using a virtual dedicated number so that all inbound and outbound calls and text messages are routed through your company