Backend business view | BANTgo | impact2earn®

BANTgo’s advantage for Management view

  • A new revenue stream through the bantgo app, which makes it possible to grow your business faster than competitors
  • The necessary data for marketing promotion, which makes marketing less expensive and more effective
  • Expanding the recruitment flow, which makes it possible to make salaries more loyal to management and reduce some of the staff when using autonomous deliverers
  • The ability to monitor personnel and check the quality of employees ‘ work according to the established key performance parameters
  • An additional source of income through the branding of transport and the use of 100% eco (important for vegetarian restaurants and eco products)
  • Automation, previously available only to large competitors, this gives you a competitive advantage even if you have one point of sale
  • Management gets time to perform its main functions, because the transport function (including repair, maintenance and replacement) is performed by the operator of the bantgo system