Driver view | BANTgo | impact2earn®

BANTgo’s advantage for Driver & ?ourier

  • The driver gets a gadget-like 100% ECO-friendly vehicle (fully electric), convenient and easy to operate, it makes it possible to get less tired
  • Equipping the vehicle with a micro mobility device (such as an electric scooter) makes it possible not to stand in traffic jams and use alternative routes
  • The digital assistant in the app allows you to quickly master the necessary tasks and perform the key performance indicators set by the management
  • The climate control system of the cargo and the driver’s workplace allows you to be less tired and less sick
  • The possibility of access to the roads from the age of 14 without a license (depends on the country) allows you to work as a driver and courier to earn your own money from an earlier age
  • The driver or courier does not worry about the condition of the vehicle, the vehicle is difficult to disable (even intentionally), and all repairs and maintenance and even charging is carried out by the operator of the bantgo system
  • The ability to earn more on the same number of orders and the ability to serve a larger number of orders, with the help of optimization of bantgo routes