Spending Rewards Program | BANTgo | impact2earn®

Know Who You Are Delivering To

When you create a new delivery ticket, we use the customers email address to find their picture online, we then display the picture with the delivery ticket for dispatch and your drivers to see. Letting your drivers see a picture of who they are delivering to can be an important safety precaution.

You can also easily edit delivery tickets, change the status of the ticket and re-assign the driver. We will also set you up with a dedicated virtual number that we will route all calls and texts between your customers and drivers so that you drivers’ phone numbers remain private.

Your customers will automatically be placed in the rewards level based on their spending. You can define what rewards your customers will receive for each rewards level.

You can easily toggle between: “Ticket Details”, “Order Details” and “Activity Timeline” to get a detailed look at the delivery ticket.

Rewards Program

Customers will be added to your customers list as you create new delivery tickets and if you add order items to the delivery tickets, the customers spending will automatically enroll the customer into the appropriate tiered rewards program. This feature is totally optional, but you may want to keep track of loyal customers so that you can reward them.

Track customer spending and our system will categorize your customers into different tier levels using our spending rewards program based on their monthly spending.