Give E-waste + Get a reward. From home or office. Easy.


is the Impact-to-Earn GO-CYCLE CleanTech Web 3.0 Telegram ChatBot with built-in Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements

A system of bonuses for the disposal of all E-waste. Each user using waste sorting can make reward from every single recycled battery, piece of old equipment, old smartphone or electronics. In addition to a clean nature, people gain perks that can be used towards the achievement of a comfortable life.

Just receive a reward every time hand over E-waste to an existing recycling collection points, food delivery couriers/cleaning services or TAXI connected to GO-CYCLE

For Nature

By reducing air and water pollution and saving energy, recycling offers an important environmental benefit: it reduces emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons, that contribute to global climate change.

For People

Monetary motivation and easy way to transfer E-recyclables through existing transport networks, such as food delivery couriers, Taxi and cleaning services.
Fact: Now 20% of small electronic waste, which is more than 1.3 Mt stored at home or disposed with regular unsorted household waste.

For Сountry

Data based decision making provides government with the capabilities to generate real time insights and predictions to optimize their environmental laws. Through this, they can test the success of different strategies and make informed decision for sustainable development.
Fact: 82.6% global e-waste flows are undocumented.

Viewing garbage as something foul and unwanted - this is an antiquated attitude

Nowadays it is potential recyclable matter that can become a material used repeatedly to produce useful things. E-waste is not compared with something dirty and unsuitable for transportation. Every day we hold a smartphone in our hand, sometimes even while eating.

Therefore, paying households and individuals for every piece of garbage received and providing an easy way to transfer E-waste is right! And it will bring great benefits both to manufacturers and to our nature.

GO-CYCLE is a platform based on blockchain. It will help establish a direct connection between the People and Consumer services and E-waste recycling plant

Benefits of GO-CYCLE Impact-to-Earn

  • Easy


    The penetration of delivery and cleaning services into our lives is up to 50%, so for proper disposal, people do not need to develop new habits and perform many new actions.
  • Trust


    Blockchain promotes transparency and trust with participants being able to have relatively unfettered access to their records, cutting time and effort made on endless to-ing and fro-ing.
  • Liquidity


    E-waste contains a significant part of valuable materials. Extraction of these materials from the ground is many times more carbon-intensive than processing. We provide liquidity, including through the generation of Carbon credits for GO-CYCLE participants.
  • Integration


    TON ecosystem complement. TON is designed for millions of users, and one of our goal is to make using GO-CYCLE no more difficult than using Telegram messenger, which users are used to. TON blockchain was originally developed by the Telegram team.

Give E-waste

Get a reward

One of the main costs of a garbage processing is waste sorting and logistics for delivery from the end user .

Proper sorting of waste allows the company’s costs to be reduced. The absence of delivery costs as return cargo for couriers and cleaning services allows us to improve the unit economy of the waste processing industry.

Part of the money saved is transferred to the Users TON-based cryptocurrency account via NFT.

These NFTs are awarded to each household, or to the user’s personal wallet. In this way, comes can be created from various places — including delivery by food and goods delivery couriers, taxi services, cleaning services and others.

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